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laser services adds a new microscope-龙8app登录

laser services inc. has announced the addition of a new microscope-aligned co2 laser to bring greater capacity to their substrate and pcb cutting department. this brings the total of microscope-aligned co2 lasers to four in daily operation, adding 33 percent capacity to their fine alignment capability. this increased capacity allows for quicker order turns and shorter lead times.

microscope alignment offers the most precise positioning and tightest tolerance of cuts and drilling and allows for extremely intricate patterns. in ideal conditions, laser services can achieve a .00025" tolerance from feature to feature.

these lasers are powerful enough to cut ceramic substrates up to 0.120" thick. commonly processed materials include: metalized substrates, silicon carbide (sic), silicon (si) wafers, al2o3 alumina, duroid, and individual circuits and pcbs.

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